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Rose Bead Bezeled Pendant

Bead Bezel Portraits Can Be Worn For Any Occasion!
Bead Gallery Art
A gorgeous red rose is embedded between a clear glass cabochon a secure backing, all bezeled with 11/0 and 15/0 Glass Japanese Beads. Even the bail is created using 11/0 beads. Included, for sparkle, is an 18mm 'Moonlight' Rivoli, bead bezeled at the base of the Rose Picture. This was strung on a Sterling Silver Ball Chain.

Any picture can be recreated to wear in this fashion, i.e., family photos, personal pictures, business card logos, etc. This design makes your picture look elegant, which also becomes a conversation started, when seen!
Bead Gallery Art

"Heirloom Cell Phone Bag"
Bead Gallery Art
This beaded cell phone holder was created specifically for the Bride!
 The front of the bag is a picture of the Bride and Groom, on their Wedding Day, many years ago. The back of the bag has a 'Maryland Crab' to represent their love of the Eastern Shore, where they now reside. Many ideas and designs were discussed with the Bride, but these patterns were decided, above all. Any design can be considered for a beaded bag, including a picture of the Bride as a baby, on one side, and a picture of the Groom, on the other. This will be something they can hand down to their children, for generations to come!

Bead Gallery Art
Bead Gallery Art

I share my looming thoughts frequently on my Blog,
"A Bead Looming Intervention"
The right 'Intervention' can help,
so commenting, on my blog posts, will help us all learn more about bead loom weaving!
Bead Gallery Art
Bead Gallery Art 

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