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"I prefer
as opposed
to any
of bead

-Erin Simonetti

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Bead Gallery Art

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(I'm only offering a select number of each, in efforts to keep the patterns fresh and new!)

Bead Gallery Art
Bead Gallery Art

24kt Gold and Opal

24kt Gold & Opal Cuff
Bead Gallery Art
Woven on the thick warps, in ways to allow each style of bead to 'inter lock', creating a mesh of BLING! This is truly "Weaving Along The Warps". The way each bead fit, into another, by the selections I made, allowed for a wonderful body, to this cuff. Included are 24kt overlay gold glass beads, permanent gold glass beads, Glacier Opal Crystals and highlighted with Pacific Opals.

24kt Gold and Opal

The width was able to handle a double clasp attachment, which I applied a Gilt to patina a matching color. The relief, on the clasp surface, also lent itself to match the cuff design.

Bead Gallery Art
Bead Gallery Art

Hot Beach Cuff

A Field of Erin's Poppies!
Bead Gallery Art
I think this may actually be my favorite, of all I ever made! A great color of red, off white and turquoise.

The turquoise border was added, offering a totally different color than what is originally offered, in the cuff.
I love these three colors together.

Poppy Loomed cuff

A wide filigree box clasp, finishes this trio of colors.
Bead Gallery Art

Poppies on a loom

Bead Gallery Art
Bead Gallery Art

I love Hummingbirds, but they are very hard to catch on film.
Thus is the same, with my loom pattern.

Red Cone Flower loom cuff

Their wings are in constant movement. This is something I truly wanted to portray, in my pattern. As a photography major, back in the day, the 'shutter speed' was set hoping to stop motion, like the wings of a Hummingbird. I've laughed, with family, that I better double check the settings, in my pattern program.

Bead Loom Woven with Erin Simonetti

The netting was attached 'on top', of the bead woven cuff base. All connecting points are secured so the netting does not lift. I also added a green patina to the finish of the clasp.

Bead Gallery Art
Bead Gallery Art

Bead Loom Woven with Erin Simonetti

Bead loom woven with 11/0 Delicas and a relief of Silver Scrolling of 11/0 Permanent Silver metallic Japanese beads. You can see the relief, of the mixed size beads, at the curve, towards the back edge, of the cuff. Super Duos create a decorative fringe.
Bead Gallery Art
Bead Gallery Art
Be sure to visit myFaceBook Page, as I seem to be weaving beads faster than I knew!
Feel free to interact and discuss my planning, before I post anything to my Website.

Bead Gallery Art

I create the patterns using various methods. Free-hand, bead pattern programs or graphed directly, on top of a design idea.
I do not offer any kits or patterns, of my designs.

Bead Gallery Art
One suggestion I'd like to share is to consider,

If you feel you are getting 'bored', with that medium, realize it, because this is the
"stage where you will attempt new and different ideas!"

Bead Gallery Art

I prefer the 'looming' technique, as opposed to any other type of bead weaving.
There is so much more to conquer, with this style of weaving,
so I will continue to challenge myself with the 'three dimensional' beaded jewelry,
but also include 'graphing' a '3-D' picture, in 2-D!

Please contact me,
regarding all art pieces, shared on my website.

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