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-Erin Simonetti

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Bead Gallery Art

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to visit my Etsy Shop, where a few patterns are being offered,
(I'm only offering a select number of each, in efforts to keep the patterns fresh and new!)

Bead Gallery Art

Bead Tole on the Bead Loom

"Mermaid Bead Tole Pendant"
Bead Gallery Art
In honor of my trip to West Palm Beach Florida, November 1, 2015 through November 6, 2015, I created this Mermaid Bead Tole Pendant. This technique is much like "Paper Tole",but using 11/0 beads, woven on a loom. Each layer is woven in perspective, to build this picture, from the furthest point 'up'. In doing so, I create a three dimensional portrait, of a relaxing Mermaid. She adorns a small shell in her hair, with locks fakling down her back. The tail is folded behind her, as she sits calmly, bending her tail base, on the rocks.

Please be sure to contact
The Bead Society of the Palm Beaches
to consider signing up, for one of my three classes.
You don't have to be a Society Member, to take the class.

Class offered at West Palm Beach Bead Society Nov 1 & 4, 2015

"All That Glitters Cuff"
A TWO PART CLASS: Nov 1 and Nov 4th, 2015

This class will offer knowledge of weaving various size/shaped beads,
on the bead loom. You will learn how to 'interlock' beads, making them lay comfortably,
across the warps.
The cuff shown, above, is one of two options: Gold or Silver.
This lesson will also allow the weaver to make the finished cuff, 'as wide as they want'.

Also, if you are in the Maryland area,
and have taken any of my previous 'two day classes',
consider contacting Bead Soup , in Savage Maryland, 240-456-4568.
This same cuff is offered in a 'one day class', October 24, 2015.

Bead Gallery Art

Class offered at West Palm Beach Bead Society Nov 2, 2015

"Fresh Dogwood Pendant"
ONE DAY CLASS: Nov 2, 2015

This is such a dainty pendant, only about 4" w/h. The lessons taught, on the bead loom, will include two forms of managing the warps. Each petal turns out a delicate as a real Dogwood Flower.
Those who sign up, for this one day class, may like to purchase the matching 'Dogwood Cuff Pattern', offered, for $10.00.

Say what it is here
With the lessons taut, in this class,
and the Flip Flop Cuff Class, listed below,
you will be able to create this matching cuff, without question!

Bead Gallery Art

Class offered at West Palm Beach Bead Society Nov 3, 2015

"Zentangle Flip-Flop Cuff"
ONE DAY CLASS: Nov 3, 2015

This class teaches instruction.
on 'traditional bead loom weaving techniques'.
Together, we will work out warping, edging, accenting and finishing methods.
Zentangle is a means of creating designs and colors, while doodling on paper.
The pattern shown, will be handed out,
along with a blank pattern.
This will allow the weaver
to draw or color their own personal flip-flop design!

Bead Gallery Art

The Bead Society of the Palm Beaches, selected the projects,
for the three classes I'll be teaching in November 2015.
I think they did a fantastic job
because each class offers a new and different weaving and warp management method.
Any of these classes, will help you create a new bead weaving obsession!
Please consider signing up,
for at least one, so we can finally meet face to face.
I do not travel often, with my teachings.
Hopefully, we can create new friendships further South!

Bead Gallery Art
Be sure to visit my
FaceBook Page ,
as I seem to be weaving beads faster than I knew!
Feel free to interact and discuss my planning,
before I post anything here, on my Website.

Bead Gallery Art

I create the patterns using various methods. Free-hand, bead pattern programs or graphed directly, on top of a design idea.
I do not offer any kits or patterns, of my designs.

Bead Gallery Art
One suggestion I'd like to share is to consider,

If you feel you are getting 'bored', with that medium, realize it, because this is the
"stage where you will attempt new and different ideas!"

Bead Gallery Art

I prefer the 'looming' technique, as opposed to any other type of bead weaving.
There is so much more to conquer, with this style of weaving,
so I will continue to challenge myself with the 'three dimensional' beaded jewelry,
but also include 'graphing' a '3-D' picture, in 2-D!

Please contact me,
regarding all art pieces, shared on my website.

©2015 Erin Simonetti, All Rights Reserved

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