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"A good time to share a cup of coffee!"
Bead Gallery Art
Every day is a new 'beading adventure' for me. With each design or idea, I find new techniques that seem to work better or become part of my "beading repertoire". Here, I can share many of my evolving ideas, as they happen, only to post the final piece of Wearable Art, on my website.

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Bead Gallery Art
I share my bead loom thoughts frequently on my Blog,
"A Bead Looming Intervention"
The right 'Intervention' can help,
so commenting, on my blog posts, will help us all learn more about bead loom weaving!

Bead Gallery Art

Bead Gallery Art

Say what it is here

Sampling of an Idea!
Bead Gallery Art
When new design ideas come to mind, many angles are needed to be considered. One way questionable ideas can be settled, is to create a 'prototype' using a medium that will work up faster then if you take the 'pleasant time', of seed beading! This 'Ear Marrionette' of Elvis is exactly that, a prototype of an idea to design 'moveable' bead parts for 'Wearable Art'. Created using Polymer Clay, wire, string, seed beads as detail and jewelry, this gives me an idea of how a similar idea, using seed beads, would fair with 'balance', 'size', 'durability', etc. Of course, not all Prototypes need to be this detailed...but it sure can be fun when you are 'on a roll'!

I will be working on actual 'seed bead' ideas, as this prototype demonstrates, then add pictures on my web site.
Bead Gallery Art

Vendor Space at FellsPoint Fest 2009

Creating an 'inviting vendor display'!
Bead Gallery Art
The 'Fellspoint Festival' was a wonderful time! This time of year is so exciting and I can decorate my booth with 'signs of the season' to help make it feel more inviting. My board and necklace displays are created to 'draw' attention, as opposed to offering the 'usual' look of 'B&B', ('busts & boards'). It works because I met so many people who at first were interested in my 'girls' then noticed my beadwork! I love meeting new people and a chance to discuss beading!
Bead Gallery Art

Fells Point Festival

'Fell's Point Festival'
Bead Gallery Art
Every year, the first weekend in October, Fell's Point Maryland hosts a Festival.
This is the 'Festival of all Festivals'!
There is so much to offer, from Arts, Crafts, Antiques, Flea Markets, Bands, Cultural Sections, Fine Arts, etc. Located along the Harbor, a Maritime Community which once built over 600 ships. Each Vendor Tent is raised on a cobble stone street and has a gorgeous view of the Habor. I never miss applying to this Festival and have been given the same space,
all the years I have been involved.

I look forward to seeing all of my repeat customers,
this upcoming weekend, October 3rd & 4th, 2009!!

Bead Gallery Art

Toho Permament <Mettalic Beads

"A 'kind' suggestion to consider the outcome"
Bead Gallery Art
I was extremely excited to think that an 11/0 Permanent Mettalic Seed Bead would never loose it's finish! The 'galvanized' line of Beads, are gorgeous, but do not offer a long life 'finish'.

Toho offers a 'Permanent Finish' Mettalic in 6 different colors. I purchased all six in size 11/0. I used them in many pieces, loving how they look and feel. One particular finished beadwork, is a 'Finger Ring', which I do wear often. It has been through many wet/dry episodes, so I expected worse. Above is a picture of how the same ring looks today, with much wear and tear. Even though the finish is not 'baked' into the glass bead itself, when the mettalic finish wears away, you see a gorgeous 'opal' bead. I am not that upset, because I like to consider the 'bead's wear' when I select the beads for any new piece. I can consider the opal look to arrive, in time, and will use these more with beads that match that finish best!
Bead Gallery Art

The beginings of a Maryland Crab Cuff

"Making a Cuff for The Crab Eating Season"
Bead Gallery Art
These are some of my favorite Delica 11/0 bead colors. I am looming an action shot of a 'blue crab' but seem to be offerring the colors seen after they are steamed, to eat! There is so much more I have in mind to do with this cuff, to make it look realistic!

I love being able to share my work here, but I am also giving a preview that 'something new' will be added to my site, soon!
Bead Gallery Art

Jack Sparrow Cuff Completed on Loom

"Picture This!"
Bead Gallery Art
I am working hard to complete as many cuffs as I can to offer a good selection at this year's
'Fells Point Festival', October 3 & 4,2009.
Adding character to my cuffs, may include some creative ideas!


Beads can be used to create any 3D design!

Jack's finger needed a 'real' ring!
Using just the right shaped beads, in the right amount,
I was careful to keep the 'perspective'. The ring, shown on it's side, on his finger', was created using a tube bead, silver bugles, 11/0 hex cut and 11/0 silver seed beads.

When the edging is completed, cut from the loom and a sterling clasp attached, I will share final pictures, on other pages of my website!
Bead Gallery Art
Bead Gallery Art 
Struggled first 63 rows of this cuff
The next 'Must Have' Cuff!
All prepared for the October Art Festival!
Bead Gallery Art
August 3, 2009
Jack Sparrow can be so hard to 'corner'! Not only, in the Movie, but also when you want to create a cuff, appx. 35 beads wide and an average length, 100 rows! My 'mode' is to create for the Festival, and I think Jack will be a 'plus'...also, my good friend "Kathy" told me this!
Bead Gallery Art

The very begining of a special CUFF
"Getting Ready for this October's Art Festival!"
Bead Gallery Art
August 2, 2009
I get so many emails with great ideas for new beading ideas, themes, techniques, etc. So many are great, yet others I can't over look! I am working on my 'stock' for this year's "Fells Point Festival", held the first weekend in October. This is the only Festival I like to show/sell my work, in a Festival venue.
Of course, my cuffs have to include ideas, that anyone would appreciate!

This cuff will be added to my website, when completed, and will include all the details, i.e., size, bead count, etc. I am also adding other new cuffs, already complete!
Bead Gallery Art

The edges are complete
"Ready for the final steps!"
Bead Gallery Art
July 20, 2009
I have enjoyed working on this 'Breast Cancer Awareness' Cuff! Now that the design and edging are complete, this will have the Sterling Silver Bar Clasp,
A Custom Sterling Silver Heart (created and donated by Kathy of Feathered Gems )
and a Crystal Pink Awareness Ribbon, attached.
Final photos will be displayed elsewhere on the site!
Bead Gallery Art

BCA cuff design completed on loom
"The Design is Complete!"
Bead Gallery Art
July 10, 2009
I am really enjoying creating this cuff, "Breast Cancer Awareness" themed.
Now the design is loomed. The large dog, or Great Dane looms over the smaller dog, wearing the Awareness Ribbon, depicting courage. Someone also told me it depicts 'rebirth'....perfect!

Completion is far from over. The edging will play an important part of the 'balance of the cuff design' and there are other planned additions.
These need to be woven, with crystals, then attached to the cuff.

I will share more pictures, in detail, of each area of this cuff,
when it is completed, on another page of my website.
Bead Gallery Art

The upper portion of the BCA cuff
"BCA cuff, upper portion"
Bead Gallery Art
July 8, 2009
I originally wanted to share every step of the way, in creating this 'BCA' cuff. Since my last update, I have been working on ideas and sharing 'work in progress' pictures with a forum I love, SJA! I also got the 'nod' from the owner of this cuff, to go ahead with whatever I think will be best. In thinking about this, maybe she wants to be surprised!! So, lets just share what I have completed to date....the upper section. There is so much more to come!
Bead Gallery Art

July 2, 2009
The first 19 loomed rows,
are now completed,
of the BCA Cuff. These stages may give an idea as to how I use my 'palette' of bead colors to 'paint' the design
on a cuff.

I'm not going to tell what picture I am creating. Together, we will see this come to life!

Bead Gallery Art

JUNE 2009
Bead Gallery Art
Bead Gallery Art
June 28, 2009
I received an email, from someone who wants me to loom a cuff depicting her life and thoughts, about Breast Cancer. Her words were so overwhelming that I felt a huge task ahead. How can I put such a story into my looming and offer the same feeling, as her words evoked?

First, I offered some renderings of ideas, which she selected and made changes. Now, the rest is up to me, by adding or including things that she will appreciate
and enhance the orginal meaning, of this cuff.

I am filled with excitement to start this, so I decided to offer this insight to everyone, on my website. Looking through the stacks of 11/0 Delicas, I selected the colors, 69 total, I felt would create the rendering. Below are 61 of the colors. The additional 7 colors will be held in my loom base and are the colors I will use the most. These colors, for this picture, are blacks, greys and whites.

I'll string my loom and begin the process, adding pictures as this
"Breast Cancer Awareness Cuff" progresses.
Bead Gallery Art
Two trays of 11/0 Delicas, in cups, for my next 'bead painting'
"This is how it all begins,
after settling on a 'design idea', of course!
Bead Gallery Art
Whenever I start a new creation, I will mull over the "theme" I plan to express. Believe it or not, it isn't in the 'selected colors', but in the 'selected finishes'. I like including 'transparent AB' colors, into each of my designs. Their 'sparkle' is unwavering, but their placement should be considered, because they will hord all the attention, in your design.

For this new cuff, I will use more 'mattes' and 'opaques', with a sprinkle of mettalic and AB.

Please consider following along with me, as I will be explaining each step, as I decide where to go next. It is enlightening to find whether I 'stay' the course or move in other directions, during this "Concept to Looming" creation!
Bead Gallery Art
The Board on Display at MAD CITY COFFEE SHOP=
"July 4th Jewelry on Display"
Bead Gallery Art
June 21, 2009
For the past five years, my work has been a fixture, in many local coffee shops. This board will be at Mad City Coffee, located in Columbia Maryland, for the next two weeks. Then, I will swap it out, for another board full of new pieces. I enjoy creating, for these shops, and bringing the feel of 'An Art Festival' to each one!
Bead Gallery Art
Tropical Fish Earrings
"Under the Sea!"
Bead Gallery Art
June 19, 2009
Ah, "Earrings", and the discussion rolls on! We all have our own idea of the 'perfect' earring, size/shape/design, etc. My idea, these days, is to create a picture 'between the two'!

The number of available bead colors, are not as broad as they are offered in Miyuki's 11/0 Delica line, so using smaller beads would not create such a detailed 'painting'. This brings me to the dilema of either creating 'matching earrings with the same design, not as detailed due to the number of beads wide', or 'split the design, use many bead colors to create a realistic picture'.
These were beaded using 38 different colors.
Does the 'A-Symetry' come into play, comfortably?

These are not finished, but will have a 'custom bail', created with sterling silver.
After, that, the completed pair will be posted on the 'Earrings' page, of my website.
Bead Gallery Art
I don't recall ever beading "rings",
but I will be trying some new and different techniques!

A circular view of the eye ring

June 10, 2009
The 'Circular Viewing' above, is a ring I drew/graphed, replicating an eye with a 'hint' of a lid and socket. This pattern may seen 'out of character', but it is also a means to create a feel for 'size'. Since I have not made many rings, it is necessary for me to anticipate the pallette size,
or view on top, while it is being worn.
Bead Gallery Art
Though the stitches hold the ring to it's natural circular shape, shown below,
I thought it necessary to 'flatten' the pallette, so the 66 different, 11/0, Delica Glass Bead Colors
could be easily seen. You should be able to notice what I have been suggesting through out my website, "Each selected bead color, needs the other for the best color saturation."

A 'flat' view showing detail of bead colors
A great example how 'matte colors' are reflected in 'silver lined' colors.
There are many more of these equations, which again, I will share either on my web site
or in a book I am presently compiling.

Bead Gallery Art

A 'flat' view showing detail of bead colors

Artist's tend to 'take a step' back, from their work, in efforts to create a 'perspective', as opposed to being 'on top' of it, while creating. The small picture, with the eye ring laying flat, above, is a good example of how you can acquire the prespective of the pattern, when it is at a distance!
Because I work with so many different bead colors, as with this ring, I tend to 'step back' more often, to see if the colors are working or if the design is 'jelling', sort of speak!

No matter what beading you create, getting a perspective by stepping back allows you to either 'rethink' your original idea, or decide on another.
Even a monochrome color, woven piece, needs to be looked at with a 'distant eye'.

Bead Gallery Art June 4, 2009
I wanted to create a simple 3D flower pattern!
After creating, what I think, a durable and quick flower petal, with a good perspective, I worked up ways to include them in some jewelry.

Small Flower Earrings

Sterling Bead Ring

The 'Flower Earrings' above, are created with the same, simple petal pattern I worked up.
Each of these earring styles, are a sample of how simple the flowers can be displayed.
These are both created to include Sterling Silver Ear Wires and Sterling 20g wire for the Vines.
Bead Gallery Art
The 'Flower Ring', shown in the lower picture, above, is woven with
'2mm, Seemless, Sterling Silver Beads'.
The center, of the flower, is a Bali Bead Cap with other 'sterling findings' added to the band.

Bead Gallery Art
MAY 2009
Sneaking In One More Loomed Cuff, Before May Ends! Bead Gallery Art

Complete with Sterling Silver Slide Clasp

"Black & White"....
but, really, 35 different bead colors!
Taking a step back to decide on this edge or not

"Close Up of Edging"
Completed in two levels, peyote & picot.
Two levels of edge

Completed the four Beatles, on the loom

"FOUR is the Score!"
Bead Gallery Art Now that I have completed the total pattern, on the loom, I can start the finishing. Using many colors to create such patterns, are so necessary because of how they react to each 'other bead' and needed for such a small count of
'beads wide', 26.

There are 'specs of metallic blue'

"Picking up the 'Metallic Blue'!"
Bead Gallery Art One of the 35 colors, I selected to offer a particular shaddow, or glint of light, was a 'Metallic Blue'.
It is sprinkled throughout.

When it is time to consider the edging, I usually look over the work and pick out the least likely color and use that to bring the entire piece together. In this case, it is the metallic blue!  

Bead Gallery Art
A Black & White

"Black & White, and 33 other colors!"
Bead Gallery Art
This Cuff is so quick to loom!
It is only 26 beads wide, and I graphed it out to use 35, 11/0 Delica Colors.
I will keep the edging simple, so I can recreate a 'film strip' design.
Because this will be finished in a day or two,
I won't be sharing 'work in progress' pictures,
but I will surely share completed pictures, of this cuff, on my website.
Bead Gallery Art

MAY 2009
Starting May A Perfect Way, Creating Something 'Emerald'.
Bead Gallery Art
Looming progress of 'frog' cuff

"Frog Hopping off my Loom....soon!"

I am starting this 'work in progress' with the completed looming of the frog cuff I designed,
shown in the picture above.

I first selected 40 colors to paint the frog. This includes my idea of a descriptive background so the frog looks like it is 'moving' through the picture. All are 11/0 Delicas.
Bead Gallery Art
This is a good place, on my website, to share some progress pictures,
of what I am presently looming. I'll be getting together some more pictures,
which lead up to the completed cuff, to be pictured with completed work on my website.

This 'frog' design, is a commissioned request. At first, I was unsure of how I could create such a character in a 'wearable art' venue, using my loom and 'gadzillion bead colors'.

For the first time, I want to share, 'step by step' pictures, of my thought process and how I brought the beads to life. I'll be posting updated pictures, from time to time.

Since my work is created 'as I loom', it is hard for me to share where I want to go with each step.
I find it very 'constrictive' to suggest a finished idea, of a design, so together,
we can see what evolves!
Bead Gallery Art
Continuing a design, off loom

"My loom handles 'off loom' techniques, too!"
Bead Gallery Art
At the start of this idea, I planned the frog being graphed the 'center of the design'. However, I find it more amuzing to string up my loom, then start a picture pretending the strings are wider. This allows me to push myself in using other means to finalize the 'same design', (in this case a Frog). Here, I am adding more beadwork outside of the warps, using off loom stitch techniques. Again, it is necessary to consider adding on (thicker or multiple) to the outside warp, when warping the loom, because this causes more stress on the outer warp.

Distant view of where I plan to go
Completion of frog snout

"Completing Further Dimension"
Bead Gallery Art

Additional dimension, completing a foot

The frog's snout was beaded, half using the outer warp and the other half off the warp, but one continuous beaded line. The 'calculation' allows for the 'snout' to be folded and create more of a dimension.
Some of the toes were also completed, off the area of 'strung warps' to complete the 'foot portion' of the frog.
Working 3D additions prior to fringe

"Starting to come together, visually"
Bead Gallery Art
Each step I decide, can only be seen after completion. I mathematically calculate the proportions, so each 'extension' fits and creates a feeling of 'one uninterrupted design'.
'As with many mediums, distance in view plays a large part of how I see my progress, as in the top right picture..."eyeing up for proper dimension and proportions".

From a distance, the frog comes to life
Off loom leg of Frog

"Forefront leg of the Frog"
Bead Gallery Art
Carrying out the 3D aspect, of this cuff, I also beaded the 'forefront' leg, in peyote stitch. The colors and proportion match the pattern I graphed on the looming. The 'elbow' of the leg, will hang over the edge of the looming, for further dimension.

The Leg is further dimension

"Apliqued on top of the Looming"
Bead Gallery Art
Now that the 'expanding' additions are completed, I am now starting to work 'upward', in dimension. These features will make the frog look more 3D then can be acquired with just the bead colors selected.

Placement of the recent peyote leg addition

"Now the leg extends off the loom edge"
Bead Gallery Art
This photo is for placement purposes only. The addition of the peyote stitched leg will not be secured until the fringing is complete. I think I will complete some outline, using 15/0 Japanese Glass Beads, to detail the Frog, and balance out the additional of 3D parts.

You may notice only 'two toes'. I didn't bead all of the toes, shown on the loomed picture, of the frog's front foot, because only the two toes sit further in front of the others, on the 'perspective plane'. After I detail the total drawing, my reason, for this, will come to light.

The two toes will be detailed with outline to create more toes
Bead Embroidering the outlines, on my looming

"Bead Embroidery completed on Looming"
Bead Gallery Art
Detailing can be an important part of completing a three dimentional picture. It will bring out planes that are not noticed, by just the bead colors used.

Outline of forefront details adds to 3D

"15/0 Appropriate Colors for Detailing"
Bead Gallery Art
Sometimes the 'bead embroidery outline' will hide the selected loomed colors, so I will use similar colors, in size 15/0 Japanese Glass, to compelete the outlines. From a distance, these variations in plane should not detract from the pattern.

I am also careful to only use the loom warps and rows of beads to hide the 'underside of any embroidering'. This makes my work as 'appealing underneath'.

Distant view to measure for proportion

"An Overall View with More Detailing to Complete"
Bead Gallery Art
The additional forefront leg is not secured, but placed in this photo for esthetic purposes, while deciding on the necessary details. I added the upper portion of the eyebrow, which in life, that plane stands out further then the eyeball itself. The detailing will also be completed around the 'peyote leg' for adding the additional toes and setting up the complete picture of this leg.
Cuff size determined on loom

"Many more additions can be noticed"
Bead Gallery Art
These pictures, above, show many more techniques completed. The picture on the left, has the cuff size determined and finalized. On the right, the picture includes the fringe and some added details on the upper portion of the looming. Below is a progress map of each detail,
including the fringe.

Edging, on top and sides, completed

I created a balance by making the fringe on the left of the cuff, larger then the fringe on the right of the cuff. I also didn't want to create anything that would detract from the 'frog's snout and feet' on the right, so I kept the edging 'simple'.

Montage of stages I completed for the edge

"Multiple Steps Were Carried Out to Edge"
Bead Gallery Art
When ever I start a new creation, I make sure that the outer warps are either doubled or strung with stronger thread. The beads will hold the body of the looming together, but the outer warps hold more tension. Securing further, I will bead an accent outline on the top of the looming, near the edge. The creates a stronger outer warp for my fringes. Here I did a peyote stitch on one side, and added a short fringe to the other. Again, I did an 'A Symetrical' finish
to balance the 'over hang' of the loomed design.

Spiral Rope in Variagated Colors for the tongue

"Details Add to the Character of a Design"
Bead Gallery Art
While working on completing the other 3D aspects,
like this foot and the embroidery to finish toe outlines,
I decided to add a 'spiral rope' of 11/0 Delicas,
in varigating colors, to create a tongue.
I finished with a 'beaded' rendition of a fly!  

3D leg completed with embroidered outlines to complete toes

Completed Frog still on Loom

"Ready to 'Hop' Off The Loom"
Bead Gallery Art
I am sure that all the size calculations are correct, so it will fit the wrist size I originally measured.
All of the 'character' details I wanted to add, are also completed, so it is time to 'Cut the Cuff from The Loom'!
The last step is to add the clasp.
I may touch on this technique, in my 'Techniques' page, of this website
or I will be sure to add this step to a book I am presently working on to publish.
I will take final photographs, of the completed "Picture This" Frog Cuff,
so it can be viewed elsewhere on my website!
Bead Gallery Art
Bead Gallery Art 
Bead Gallery Art
Bead Gallery Art 

If you have any questions about my beadwork or art, e-mail Me!!