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Beads, beading, beaded Logo

Beading on a loom,
has been a part of my life and feelings,
since I was very young.
Now that I am in a different aspect of my life,
I realize I have always been drawn
to the serenity and meditative qualities
of this medium.
I find a calm, which cannot be defined other then through my 'exhale' of satisfaction, when I consider another creation 'complete'.
---Erin Simonetti

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I share my looming thoughts frequently on my Blog,
"A Bead Looming Intervention"
The right 'Intervention' can help,
so commenting, on my blog posts, will help us all learn more about bead looming!

Bead Gallery Art

BEAD Magazine UK

BEAD Magazine
Issue 36, Feb/Mar 2012
Bead Gallery Art

Bead Gallery Art

My "Spring Has Sprung" cuff was awarded
Bracelet Catagory
in BEAD ARTS 2009.

This same cuff, is also awarded
in BEAD ARTS 2009 Bead Gallery Art

Shell Ads of my beadwork featured in FMG Ads

"FMG Features My Beadwork in Their Advertisements!"
Bead Gallery Art
One of the largest and finest jewelery and bead suppliers, Fire Mountain Gems, highlights a few of my "Wearable Art" pieces in their ads. The four samples above, are 'shells' of what is actually published in many 'beadwork' and 'jewelry' magazines.
Bead Gallery Art

My bead can be found published in Books

"Published in Beading Books"
Bead Gallery Art
My Beaded Necklace, "Flutterby", is published in one of Bead & Buttons beading books, "Beadwoven Jewelry". Highlighted on the 'introduction' page, my work introduces the book's selection of many beading techniques and patterns, from other published Bead Artists.
Bead Gallery Art

Coffee Shop display boards with my custom jewelry

"I also share my "Wearable Art",
at Local Coffee Shops"
Bead Gallery Art
I created display boards to display my Artwork, which includes not only my Seed Beads Works, but also Sterling Silver and Copper Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces. Each board has a custom 'Needle Felted' Doll, which wears my jewelry and offers every
Coffee Shop Customer a 'smile'!

Mad City Coffee in Columbia Maryland

"Mad City Coffee House, of Columbia Maryland"
Bead Gallery Art
One of my 'favorite display sites', located at
10801 Hickory Rdg Rd, Columbia, MD 21044. Visit for the wonderful in-house roasted coffees, weekend entertainment schedules and friendly atmosphere. Stop by often, because I change out the display board, regularly. There is always something new to share and I love giving the feel of
an 'Art Festival' to their Customers!

Bead Gallery Art
Bead Gallery Art 

When I was twelve years old, my Great Aunt made me a wooden bead loom, much like was seen in Native American Publications. With some beads and string, I found my self beading, any and every chance I could get.

Since there were no books readily available, as there are today, to give patterns and teach techniques, I had to devise ways to utilize all the little strips of beads I loomed! My idea of 3-D beading came to light! This then created another dilemma of deciding how to secure my creations, decrease and ascend rows to accomplish particular shapes. I also purchased a lot of graph paper to plan out my designs and color them accordingly.

I always enjoyed graphing large scenes and designs depicting flowers, birds and butterflies. My first three dimensional necklaces were completed early in these times, but today I have proven finer techniques. My goal was always to use glass seed beads, 11/0, 15/0, 22/0 and smaller, create a realistic design, and mold them like clay to make wearable art. Some people have commented that my work looks like painted fabric and not beads! Lately, I find as much satisfaction from building in a three dimensional form as I do graphing a pattern, in a 2-D format, showing depth of a 3-D picture.


Bead Gallery Art

Bead Gallery Art

Please feel free to contact me,
any time, for questions
or comments.
I'll probably be working in my studio!!


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